When you bring in an external advisor, it is crucial that (s)he not only has know-how as regards content but is also sensitive to the interests surrounding the subject matter, to the playing field and to the culture of your organization. This requires flexibility, empathy and an open attitude.

First, FORALLMEDIA always tries to quickly gain insight into the playing field, the stakes and the culture involved. As a result, the next steps will work out smoothly. It improves the chance that the results will connect and will be useful. 

FORALLMEDIA distinguishes itself for its ability to make connections:

  • Between science and policy
  • Between policy and practice
  • Between thorough and creative
  • Between formal and informal
  • Between mainstream and margin
  • Between technology and application
  • Between specialists and the general public

FORALLMEDIA translates academic insights into policy, comprehensibly explains abstract concepts and translates policy into a practical approach.

Andra can describe technical developments in clear language. Communication about policy or strategy will pass off more effectively when images support the policy involved. Policy and strategic processes often benefit from the input of stakeholders or insights from other sectors. For FORALLMEDIA, making such connections is one of the most inspiring and challenging aspects of the work. 

Where relevant Andra Leurdijk liaises with a network of media professionals to execute tailor made assignments.