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Have a look at an overview of FORALLMEDIA projects.

Evaluation Framework National Museums

From 2021, all 26 national museums will be evaluated by independent evaluation committees. In preparation for this, the national museums have developed an evaluation framework. Forallmedia supported them in developing this framework on behalf of [...]

Introduction programme local media council

In Dutch media law local public broadcasters must install a programme council in which different social sectors are represented. The programme council determines the broadcaster’s programme policy and functions as both its sounding board and [...]

Sparring partner for inclusive media producer

For Rose Stories I was a critical sparring partner for their plans to launch an inclusive public broadcaster. These gradually changed in a plan for the establishment of a media production company that will produce [...]

Workshops online facilitation

For various groups of facilitators, I organized a number of online workshops and brainstorms about online facilitation in collaboration with Carine Chisu.  

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