Are you looking for support while developing a strategy for your organization? Do you want to write a policy document but you cannot seem to get around to it? Do you have a mountain of data but not yet a well-written report? Do you lack an analysis of the plans and views of  the stakeholders in the policy process? Or are you looking for substantive support for a policy committee?

FORALLMEDIA can play a role in all stages of the policy process. During the preliminary investigation, the development of policy, the exploration of options with stakeholders, in the attractive and clear articulation of policy, in connecting policy to a plan of action and in the evaluation of policy.

FORALLMEDIA has extensive experience in the fields of media and cultural policies. With governments, nonprofit institutions and companies as its clients, the bureau also has experience with related areas such as the cultural industry, libraries and cultural heritage.

FORALLMEDIA specializes in:

Predicting the future is like gazing into a crystal ball. It yields many images but few certainties. Nevertheless, for the development of  a strategy for your organization or for determining a policy, you will need some footing.  Scenarios and trend analyses are ways to represent a possible future. They provide an instrument to develop your strategy for the future.  FORALLMEDIA develops such scenarios and a future strategy with you. It does this in interaction with employees and other stakeholders, for example by organizing brainstorms or strategy sessions.

Whether it is a strategy session, workshop or brainstorm, FORALLMEDIA facilitates such meetings and – in consultation with you – designs the programme and content. She uses different methods and techniques, depending on the purpose of the meeting and its participants.

Regularly, the government establishes committees to assess policies or to map out social issues. Usually, these committees are in need of a secretary with respect to content who collects relevant materials, organizes discussions and meetings, reports the discussions and writes the final reports. FORALLMEDIA provides these services.

A number of steps are needed to design a new policy, among which are a problem analysis, a weighing of different policy options, consultation with stakeholders and writing a clear report. All together, these steps should enable you to make a well-founded decision. Andra can organize the different stages of policy development for you, or she can support your organization while it takes these steps.

Have the measures you took had the desired effect? Has your subsidy money been well spent? Has the project realized its objectives? You can only take a next step if you have the answers to these questions. It is also important to be able to account for your policy and spending towards tax payers or investors. FORALLMEDIA’s evaluations make use of several methods, varying from conducting interviews and surveys to a full impact assessment. These methods are thorough and result in concrete recommendations for the future.