For the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Forallmedia analysed the prominent discourses in media policies. A central theme in these discourses is the opposition between government on the one hand and the free market on the other, as the core mechanism to create and safeguard a strong public domain as well as quality and diversity in media content. More recently another frame has become more prominent in the debate. In this frame the core opposition is between  strong professional institutions on the one hand and individuals and loose networks of citizens, companies and NGO’s on the other. Will large organizations such as public broadcasters, newspaper publishers, and network operators  provide content and shape the market or will their role increasingly be replaced by numerous smaller companies, start-ups and creative individuals, collaborating in informal networks and supported by modern technologies and the internet?  Our analysis is part of a series of reflections on discourses in media, culture and education policies, which are used as input for internal debate in the Ministry.